Apr 13, 2010

Cave Story (for free)

Some of you may have seen the recent release of Cave Story on WiiWare last week.

Solid game for ten bones, certainly worth the price. I'm embarrassed to say, however, that for what's billed as the most well-known indie game available, I hadn't heard boo about it until it showed up on the Wii.

The good folks on the Bit Transmission podcast over at Destrcutoid devoted the lion's share of their 4th episode to this little gem, and it was enough to convince me to check it out.

Word to the wise however. If you've got a decent gamepad for your PC (I use a wired Xbox controller) run the game name through google first and install the free PC version before shelling out the cash for the Wii version. Nothing wrong with the game in it's original form. I started playing it two days ago, and was hooked immediately.
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