Apr 17, 2010

Sweet deals on games today

Did a run through Superstore in Prince George BC this afternoon. They've got a $9.99 rack running.

Picked up Cursed Mountain for the Wii, a suspense/horror by Deep Silver that I've been looking to try for some time. It's got a score of 67 on Metacritic, but it looks a little different than the average kiddy Wii title.

Also picked up Konami Classics, Vol. 1 for the XBOX360, for the same price. This is a great deal, considering that among the three titles on the game, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is included. That title alone is 800 microsoft points on XBOX Live, which effectively gives you Frogger and Super Contra for free.

And then popping over to Futureshop, I stumbled on Brutal Legend, for $19.99. Pretty sure that price is standard, but it's a pretty sharp drop from its release price.

Always pays to wait.

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