May 13, 2005

Is this Grandview Highway North?

And so I says to the dude...

"man... yous gots a few locks on yer door."

"never can be too careful," is his answer.

"Well," says I... "figure you might like to come out and vote for the fella in this photo?"

"can't think of any reason why I would..." is his answer.

"how's 'bout... the Liberals are evil?" I offer up.

"evil enough to drown a sack of puppies?" he asks.

"yeah man... they're just about that evil," I say.

"Well, I do like puppies."

"we all do brother."

"Suppose I better come out and vote then."

"Yes," I say... "for the sake of the puppies."

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Ghostofasmile said...

Woof woof!