May 25, 2005

Typewriters Do It Better

For the more prolific among you� try smashing your melo entries out on a typewriter before posting them.

Sure, you�ll face the foreseeable challenge of having to reacclimatize yourself to the feel of big bashy keys. If you�re old enough to have ever used one of the ol� hammer setters that is.

Sadness resonates throughout my being with the realization that many of you likely aren�t. For typesetting is one of the great lost arts.

Force yourself to plug an entry out on one of these beasts, should you chance upon one. That challenge is minute in comparison to the one to come.

Wanna give will power a test? Try transferring your literary fetus onto a word processor without so much as a restructured sentence. Here�s the real challenge. You�ll want nothing more than to change this and reorder that.

And herein lies the beauty of a typewriter.

Truckloads more soul rests in a typeset creation than the drivel you�ll spew forth through a pirated Microsoft spell-check filter.

No typewriter shall ever force you to capitalize �microsoft.�

But more importantly, in all its unforgiving freedom, a physical word processor, without any training wheels, bells, nor whistles, forces you to inject more thought and structure into your creation.

The entire process is exhilarating and infinitely analog. A thought is born far up inside that noggin of yours. Sparks fly as it explodes forth from the tips of your fingers, slamming hard down on hammers with utmost diliberance.

From that moment forth, your thoughts may as well be carved in stone baby� because whiteout is for fukkin� wimps.

Give it a go. Undoubtedly you�ll at first feel as though you�re shitting without ass-wipe, but let�s quit fukkin� round here. Melo wasn�t made for spellchecks and automated correction. It was designed for much more than that.

It was designed for you� warts and all bitch.

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Ghostofasmile said...

I use to order loads of liquid paper. I agree with you that it is a different process of writing.