Apr 13, 2006

Long Night... Finally

Fired up that GTA Vice City mod I had been talking about. "Long Night," the one that turns the entire city into a zombie infested nutfest, giving every remaining living character a sizable weapon, and a hysterical hair trigger with which to toss yer noggin off at a moments intervention.

Not too shabby for an amateur attempt. The game starts out creepy enough. You're the driver of a tank sitting in some miitary compound out by Vice City International Airport. You've got a gunner sticking his head out the top, and a copter taking off in front of you while the scene begins, with the pilot barking orders at you to get down to the nearest radio station to broadcast an emergency signal, and then meet up with them at a rendevouz point later.

The copter leaves the ground revealing what you've been left to. An entire army of oncoming zombies... and not of the old Romero sort... that stumble along hoping that some 1960's idiot accidently trips and falls into their mouth.

Nosiree Bob, these fukkers are bare a far more striking resemblance to the "28 Days Later" types... the ones filled with seething rage, running at top speed directly for you, regardless of the obstical in their path, with no other goal than to sink their rotting teeth into your tender face-cheeks and rip limbs from your sockets.

And goddamn is there a bazillion truckloads of em. They literally fall out of the sky, off buildings, diving off bridges to get at you. They run in front of your car, try to eat the barrel of your gun, chuckle at your flamethrower. If you're unfortunate enough to accidently exit your vehicle, or drive at a speed slothish enough for one of them to haul your ass out the driver-side door, good luck ever getting back hehind the wheel. If you're lucky, they'll be enough space in you're newly discovered zombie-mosh-pit to pull the rip engine cord on your chain saw, and cut enough pieces away to score yourself some running room.

At which point, yer still pretty much fecked. You'll be able to dodge a good number coming directly at you as you try to flee by pulling off some fancy running work, but imagine a streaker in Miami, 1985, bolting through an anti-Castro rally with only the Che Guevara tatoo on his back to hide his unmetionables, suddenly finding himself the running target of every rabid ex-pat Cuban in the state of Florida... and you've got a small idea of what it's like to be caught on your feet in the streets of this game.

Unfortunately, I can't review it any further than that. It's too damned difficult, and I'm yet to complete the first mission.

I can tell you, however, that the game is a bit buggy. Could be the way in which I installed it. And I can't honestly say that Vice City hadn't crashed on my puter before I added the Long Night mod. I'll likely give it a fresh install, and see how it works out.

Possibly more in it later

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