Mar 7, 2007

B3 - No More!

Well... it was pretty goddamned inevitable.

Hadn't published a non-gaming-related post on this blog in months, so I decided to do what was far too long in coming: change the name and format of the old "Bathroom Breeding Bolsheviks" blog... to what you've got before you now.

So welcome to the new-&-improved game-industry focussed, "Classic Controller!"

Hope you like the new renovations. It reflects far more accurately the content, however, all the old posts are still in the archive on the right sidebar.

Additionally... nothing has happened to the good ol' "Pacific Tribune" so if you're looking for more politically-related content, head on over there.

And as always, the "East-Van Cinephiles" is still operational for all your movie reviewing needs, although admittedly, it's not well maintained.

And if you're reading this as a feed through my FaceBook profile... just click on the "original post" link at the top to see the new layout I'm talking about.



PS. The site address has not changed, as it was never name specific. If you're linked to this blog, I'll leave it up to you whether or not you want to change the name on the link on your own site. I'm easy either way.

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