Mar 28, 2007

More Proof that Bono is a complete Bonehead

Aside from the fact that Bono is perhaps the most hypocritical "anti-poverty" activist the world has ever known... his credibility as a peace-activist is gets another good double flush every time he attempts to deny the pro-war, pro-US propagandic slant contained in the video game, "Mercenaries 2", of which he is a prime financier.

The political controversy generated by the game is essentially over its depiction of gung-ho American mercenaries invading Venezuela with the express purpose of overthrowing a "Leftist Oil Tyrant."

Understandably, this piece of digital garbage is drawing attention from a number of Venezuelan politicians concerned that it will add fuel to already fiery Venezuela-US relations.

Bono, of course, hoping to make a mint off its sales, denies any political agenda in the game.

Yeah buddy... and I'm sure you lent your name to Ipod out of the goodness of your heart as well.

Or, as most of us have known all along, you're just another money-hungry boot-licker trying to make a buck off the poverty-guilt market.

Save the last shred of dignity you possibly have left Bono, and scrap this piece of pro-imperialist garbage.
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