May 19, 2007

Canadian Console Sales for April

Number of Consoles Sold

Wii 42,100
DS 34,900
PS2 18,000
360 12,800
PSP 12,100
GBA 7,900
PS3 7,200


Sales Figures
DS - 471K
Wii - 360K
PS2 - 194K
PSP - 183K
360 - 174K
GBA - 84K
PS3 - 82K
GameCube - 13K


I was down at Superstore last week, and behind the counter on the shelf were two PS3's. I asked the clerk how long they had been there.

"bout a week and a half," he said.

I haven't seen a Wii in stock anywhere since it was released six months ago. Nintendo is still, half a year later, literally selling every single unit they produce before it even makes it to store shelves.

My mom even wants one! Never in a gazillion years, would I have thought that I'd be receiving phone calls from my mother, who harped at me for years for playing too many video games, asking me if I had located the new Nintendo system for her yet.

And I still can't get over the satisfaction I'm receiving over how much of a flop the PS3 has become. How much must it hurt that the Gameboy Advance generated more coin than the PS3 did?

The sales of the PS2 are interesting, and are undoubtedly attributed to the great final generation games coming out for that system. The PSP seems to be rallying quite well also, which is something I didn't predict. The dramatic price drop Sony finally leveled on their portable undoubtedly contributed to its unlikely success, but I'd love to see the profit margin on those sales. I'd also be interested to see how game sales are for the PSP, since most of them are complete crap.

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