Jun 27, 2007

3rd-party Exclusive to Come to the Wii

"D3 Publisher of America" has just announced the planned Fall 2007 release of a new hack-n-slash exclusive to the Nintendo Wii, entitled: "Dragon Blade."

Developed by virtually unknown "LAND HO! Co. Ltd.," Dragon Blade doesn't look overly innovative, although it does look fun.

The news in this is not the game in itself, but rather that a small 3rd party developer is making a game exclusively for the Wii.

Traditionally, this only happens to Nintendo in the form of kiddie games, particularly of the Nickelodeon cartoon inspired crappish sort.

A combination of Nintendo's new friendlier attitude towards third party developers and the much lower production costs for the Wii hardware, it's quite possible that games like Dragon blade are the beginning of a trend. One in which we see a number of small developers with small budgets and big ideas find a way to get games out profitably on the little white console that could.

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