Jun 9, 2007

Wii's Full of VC Games

The most surprising thing about this story, is that it's the first I've heard so far.

The internal storage space of a Wii is a mere 512 megs. I've been waiting for complaints to surface over that space getting filled with Virtual Console games from the Wii store, but after over 6 months, this is the first report I've read.

Of course, it was less of a complaint, and more of a FAQ on how to offset the Wii's memory shortfalls with SD cards. Of course, to my knowledge, the larges SD card is at 8 gigs capacity so far, and probably costs as much as the Wii itself. The article did however, allude to some USB-based storage peripherals to be released in the future. Nothing concrete as of yet, of course. And undoubtedly, Nintendo is wracking their brains trying to figure out a solution that doesn't allow foreign software to be run on the Wii.

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