Sep 26, 2007

GameGirl Advance on Facebook and Gaming

Sitting here at home... unloading 150 gigs worth of movies, and video games off my hard drive and on to discs... (an extremely lengthy process) and I've realized that I haven't posted anything game related in months. Yeah... so I suck balls, sorry.

Aaaaaand... I don't have anything new to write about tonight either. The truth is... I haven't bought Metroid Prime Corruption yet... I'm still playing through Resident Evil 4, and nothing else is really that exciting for the Wii at the moment.

So in place of something interesting from me... I'll instead direct you to an interesting article by one of my favourite journalists over at GameGirl Advance about the need for integration between online games and Facebook-like applications.

"Could the Time Sink that is Facebook Help LFG?"

"Jesus, but you can spend a lot of time on Facebook these days. It's the incredible exploding social network. On Facebook now I can attack friends with my zombie army or my pirate army or my hero, Penny Century; I can leave a scribble on a friend's Fun Wall. I can add to my list of books read, films watched, and cities visited around the world. I can join groups with fanciful names like "I judge you when you use poor grammar." I can poke and superpoke and pwn. I can send cocktails and gifts with secret messages..."[more]

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Ghostofasmile said...

I might be playing more guitar hero with this game.