Oct 11, 2007

Typing of the Wii

Holy Christ... it's about freakin' time.

Woke up this morning and found my Wii glowing it's calm blue pulse at me. This always makes me happy even though it's often just an email from someone.

Today it was from Nintendo, which made me quiver. So far, I've learned that messages from Nintendo are pretty much gonna be good news.

The boys at "N" didn't disappoint today. A system update was available (version 3.1) they were telling me. "Awesome" I thought, since every new update has brought a few new features.

This one, however, in addition to updating the "Everybody Votes" interface... included system-wide support for a USB keyboard!

Doesn't sound like much to the non-Wii user I imagine. But just imagine writing out a blog posting like this one, with the point-click method of the Wii mote, which had previously been our only option.

Try sending emails, try filling in forms online... or even simply log into a site. Everything becomes a pain in the ass, and essentially the Wii browser had become useless. No longer.

And in a very un-Nintendo move, rather than releasing an over-priced propriety keyboard... any USB unit will do!

Good work big "N"!

Now if only they could do something about the size of the Wii's system memory.

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