Nov 5, 2007

Real-Time Wii Games to be Weather-Channel Linked

Japanese video game site: GameWatch, has reported that the Sega's upcoming Wii game: NiGHTS: Journey into Dreams, will have in-game weather variations depending on what the Wii's weather channel is reporting.

What this translates into, of course, is real-time in game weather that reflects exactly what you're seeing out the window beside you.
Exactly which role weather plays in NiGHTS, beyond adding a new asthetic value, is yet to be seen. The technology is exciting, however, if applied to the upcoming Wii version of Animal Crossing; a game played entirely in real time.

A Wii update of Harvest Moon would undoubtedly benefit from weather channel-linked environments, plausibly affecting when players plant crops, etc.

The development does raise the question of course... when is Nintendo going to make it easy for 3rd party developers to incorporated Miis into games in a meaningful way? Or better yet... when is Nintendo going to do it itself?

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