Apr 18, 2010

Play Cave Story on Multiple Computers

Been playing as much of Cave Story as possible over the weekend. It's the perfect game for short spurts. Really needs to be released on the DS.

Since that hasn't happened yet, I was brainstorming ways to play the game on multiple laptops. For instance, I've got my home laptop, which comes with me on weekends. During the week, however, it's the work laptop which accompanies me to the café at lunch for some non-work related net surfing.

So the obvious solution for playing the game on two laptops without having to worry about multiple save files, is to play the game off of a thumb drive. Cave Story comes as a self-executable file right outta the zip package, which means it doesn't require registry edits in Windows. In other words, it plays off a thumb drive really nice.

Thumb drives have never been my tool of choice, however. Way too easy to lose. I know myself too well, and so I've never relied on them.

Dropbox, however... Now there's a tool. If you haven't installed this little app on every computer you use yet, google it, and get to work. You get 2 Gigs of free space without having to pay for the upgrade, and it looks just like another folder in your My Documents tank, except that anything you put in there is automatically synced with any other computer you have it installed on, (or a friend's computer if they have an account you've linked to.)

So I just dragged the whole Cave Story program folder into the Dropbox folder, and viola, it's instantly playable on all my other computers. The best part is, my save file is updated on the fly across the mini-network, so I just launch the game from whichever click computer I wanna play It on, and as long as I'm connected to the internet, I pick up right where I left off.

Give it a try!

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