Jul 12, 2014

A New Life for Old IPod Docks

It was getting pretty tough to justify hanging on to all my old 30-pin iPod docks. This must be how hoarding begins - desire to be a socially responsible consumer drives us to thumb our nose at the obselecence designed into our modern devices.

With each tiny iteration Apple makes, an entire sub-industry is thrown into reshuffle - and we wonder why we're running out of space to put all the plastic we produce.

Anyhow... I digress. Long story short... I've still got a pile of pre-lightening, 30-pin audio docks kicking around, not to mention an alarm clock.

I was scouring the discount tables at Staples today, (as I'm prone to do more than once per week - Staples in the process of ejecting itself from the retail-gaming business, and the clearance deals are ridiculous) and I stumbled upon this little 30-pin Bluetooth Audio Receiver from Aluretek.

If you recognize the name of that company, it's because you may have come across the comparatively low-cost e-readers they pushed out to market early, before tablets drew a lot of attention away from those devices.

In any case, I picked up this little gem, regular $39.99 for under $15 bucks, and I wish there had been more than one left on that table.

You plug it in to your dock, connect your phone, or other bluetooth enabled device, and your old incompatible dock is now a wireless-bluetooth enabled dock.

And the best part is, if you're using your phone for the audio, it's no longer hard-locked to the dock like the old iPods were.

Highly recommended - especially at a sale price.

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