Apr 29, 2006

And the Award Goes to...

The following awards were up for grabs, and just went to the same recipient...

  1. Award for game console name most likely to be regretted by a major video game corporation
  2. Award for marketing agent most likely to get canned over a truly unfortunate name
and the winner is... Nintendo!

for taking a great codename for a prototype (Revolution) and replacing it with...
Joystiq.com wins points for the first multi-situational "Wii" list:

The bad puns are already flowing [cough] heavily. A few come readily to mind:
  • I need a Wii now! I can't wait until this fall!
  • "Mum, I finished my homework. Can I play with my Wii some more?"
  • "Hey Mom, Roger's bringing his Wii over. We're going to connect his Wii to my Wii and then we'll play all night."
  • "We are the Knights who say Wii!"
  • Wii Willy Winky runs through town, upstairs and downstairs in his nightgown. Knocking on the window, crying through the lock "Are the children all in bed? It’s past eight o’clock."
  • "Pass me that wemote contwol pwease?" -- Elmer Fudd redux
  • "Do you have any Wii in stock?" asked the customer. "Or course we do," exclaimed the clerk, "Urine GameStop!"

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