Apr 28, 2006

Neil Young's New Album is Furreeee

Check out Neil's new album here... without having to pay to hear it. And lucky ol' Neil was even able to attract the ire of Fox News. Must be a decent album after all.

Heard a rumour on the radio today that Pearl Jam's new album will be released in similar fashion. I imagine that would be here, were it true. In any case, It's to be sold for a measly ten bucks at A&B Sound on May 2nd only.

I'd get there early


Jason Harman said...

Pick up the new Tool while you're at it.

Jason Harman said...

I wonder if this has anything to do with Pearl Jam's album artwork:

"The Avocado Declaration was initiated in January 2004 by Californian politician Peter Camejo (b. 1939) as part of the Avocado Education Project to explain how the Green Party of the United States needed to adopt a firm and uncompromising identity if it was to promote its values and combat the opposition of the more powerful Democratic and Republican Parties in the United States.

It was called the "Avocado Declaration" to emphasize the ideal of Party Members being like the avocado: "Green on the inside; green on the outside.""

If so, will Aaron boycott the album as another po-mo menshevik offshoot?

Divisions - with Aaron Ekman said...

haha... hadn't heard anything about that. Knew Vedder was a big Nader fan... and isn't Nader now a Green Party member?

Man I know so little about US politics.

Divisions - with Aaron Ekman said...

PS... the inner core of that avacado looks a hard dark red to me.

Anonymous said...

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