Jul 18, 2006

New Cave

Got word that our application for our dream apartment went through today, which was a big thing for us, since there were a shitload of applicants.

And when I say "dream" apartment, I mean it in a fairly loose manner. Dream apartment within our price category. As in... it's split among two levels, two bedrooms, dishwasher, in-suite washer and dryer, and a sizable deck. Across the street from a beer and wine, and far more square feet than we're accustomed to.

All for under $900, which in Vancouver, is a bloody steal.

Pretty stoked about it. You're all invited to the housewarming... whenever that is. That's a pretty safe open invitation to make, since no one reads this blog.


Ghostofasmile said...

I'm thinking across from the Princeton for that cheap. Sounds fucking awesome.

Ghostofasmile said...
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Anonymous said...

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