Sep 5, 2006

camping in Lac la Juenne

Spent Labour Day weekend between Merrit and Kamloops at a provincial campsite called Lac la Juenne.

Pine beetle infestation has decimated so many of their trees, so we ended up abondoning our first site selection for darker one on the second day on account of the lack of shade.

As always, Drusilla came with us, and we were joined by Mike and Rosa on the final evening.

Drusilla was particularly shy on the first couple nights, but soon joined in the effort to scare up some campsite grub...

Not to be outdone, Mike attempts to save us from the dinner monotony of Dru's squirrel's and chipmunks

And after a hard day's hunt, we decided to take a dunk.

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Ghostofasmile said...

I love the video diary.