Dec 15, 2006

Can you spell: "G-O-O-D, L-U-C-K, F-U-K-K-O" ?

If you read this within 2 days of me posting it, you'll have the limited time opportunity to plunk down a minimum bid of $25,000 bones for some dude's 20 some-odd year collection of time-well-wasted.

That's right, for merely the price of a couple year's tuition at one of BC's prestigious post-secondary institutions, you too can have your name in the running for a relatively respectable collection of video games assembled throughout the last couple of decades.

But wait! 25 G's not enough for you to blow? hell... for an additional 50, you can have you're very own unopened Nintendo Wii! Why wait a couple weeks for the opportunity to pick one up at Best Buy for a mere $279 (CAD) when you can add $50,000 to the initial $25,000 you just parted with, and have one this week!
(please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery)

But don't let my super-smooth words move you into a bidding frenzy. Hear it straight from the owner's mouth:

"As this collection is invaluable to me, I'm starting the bidding at $25,000 (Since I bought everything when it was brand new, I'm estimating that I've spent well over $30,000 over the years in gathering this collection)."

Apparently the beginning of the end for an "Invaluable" collection starts at $25,000.

Still no bids as of 5:00 pm on December 15th, 06.


Anonymous said...

eww... That super nintendo just to the left of the Dreamcast at the lower-right of the photo looks like someone's been smearing liquid tobacco all over it since the mid-nineties.

Ghostofasmile said...

I almost thought that was your spare bedroom and your stuff. Shit I'd really have to make a commitment to 40 hours a week to buy all that.

Jason Harman said...

I wonder if the $25,000 will get his life back for time wasted?

As for ebay, I make it a rule never to underestimate the sheer stupidity of ebay bidders. They routinely pay more for commonly available items because they get caught up in bidding. I should know after all, I made a fair dollar or two off the site!