Feb 27, 2007

Dreamcast Game Released 6 yrs After Console's Death

I've recently become a big fan of the old 2D bottom up shooter. Basically, descendants of Space Invaders, who themselves have become relative relics.

I got hooked on the genre a couple weeks ago when I downloaded "Super Star Soldier" for the old TurboGrafx-16, on my Wii's "Virtual Console"

I have since discovered that my beloved Sega Dreamcast, now 6 full years out of production, was in fact the best system ever conceived for this particular type of game. For whatever reason, a couple dedicated companies decided to release a slough of shmup titles for the DC faithful.

And on Feb 22 of this year, one of those companies: Warashi released Trigger Heart Exelica (published by Sega)

The addition of yet another killer shmup to the Dreamcast library wouldn't in itself be newsworthy... if the Dreamcast hadn't been discontinued over a half-decade ago.

When combined with the insane number of homebrew games that have been written for Sega's swan-song console, no other system, to my knowledge, has kept up such an active afterlife.

Pick up a copy of the game here:
トリガーハート エグゼリカ 公式サイト

screenshot source: Dreamcast Scene

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