Jun 27, 2007

Wii May Inadvertantly have Become Haven for 1st Per Shooters

Though it's unlikely that they were ever targeting this market, Nintendo may have inadvertently created a console best suited to the FPS genre, (a-la Doom, Quake, Half-life, etc.)

Though the Wii hardware will never lend enough power to compete with the staggering 3D detail of the 360, or the PS3, the control scheme is light-years ahead of the old dual-analog control mold all 360 and PS3 games are forced into.

Red Steel pioneered the structure with it's gun and sword combo, but reportedly did so poorly. "Tanks" contained in "Wii Play" also gave us a taste of what the scheme would feel like.

And most recently, Resident Evil 4, which has just edged Mario Party 8 out of the No.1 seller list for the console, has thus far, utilized the pointer, nun-chuck duo most skillfully. And this was accomplished by Capcom on a title originally programmed for the Gamecube!

Nintendo may have one-upped Capcom in the genre, however, with its delayed, but soon-to-be released Metroid Prime: Corruption. Leaked reviews have pegged the game as extremely tight and well managed. The level design and polish on the game were the culprits behind the title's delay. In my books, however, that kind of delay is music to the ears if it means a better overall game. Publishing deadlines are the number one killer of good solid games.

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