Mar 18, 2012

FFIV Remix Release from Overclocked Remix an Impressive Achievement

Final Fantasy IV (originally titled FFII for the US SNES release) remains my favourite title in the series.
The game seemed like such a leap from the original Final Fantasy, and it was, considering two Japanese titles had preceded it without seeing release in North America. The story was more advanced than anything I’d seen on a console to date. The characters were engaging, so much so that the dual-suicide of Polom & Porom marked the first tear ever extracted from me by a game.
I’ve never cared as much about a set of Final Fantasy characters since. I gave up on the series after failing to connect with or complete FF X & XII.
And I’ve listened to a truckload of FF tracks over the years. Original chip rips, remixes, even Nobuo Uematsu’s complete modern reimagining of his own pieces by his band The Black Mages.
But I’ve never enjoyed a remix compilation from beginning to end as much as this 3-Act arrangement by the volunteer wizards over at Overclocked Remix.
The multi-artist releases from this website are generally phenomenal. This is one of those albums you want to listen to beginning to end over the course of an afternoon. The tracks are meant to be played in order to convey a flow imagined by the arrangers. Those of you familiar with the multitude of recognizable Uematsu themes will love this reimagining – epic in parts, taken none-too-seriously in others.
Jump to the album release page here.
Download the torrent file directly here.

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