Mar 4, 2012

Tunescape - Review

Tunescape | By Nostatic Software | Available on Xbox Live Indie Arcade | 80p

Simplistic and addictive.

You control a circle, orbiting some larger mass. The large mass emits small collectable coloured shapes in time with the background music.

Each collectable object charges up a different ability.

green: boost

blue: magnetic charge

yellow: shield

orange stars attach themselves to your circle, providing you with a score multiplier.

red  bits knock the orange stars off your circle if you hit them, reducing your multiplier.

That’s about it. You just move your little circle curse around collecting these things before they dissipate and try to beat your previous score.

Once you’ve completed all the stock levels, each with a unique, original song, you can move on to the music in your own library. The game doesn’t change significantly with each song you play, but it is neat to see whether your favourite song ends up being easy or difficult. Generally, faster paced songs seem to generate more sound particles, and thus, a higher level of difficulty.

Fantastic game to zone out on your favourite tunes to. Tunescape produces a Rez-like mindspace at a ridiculously low price. No other game quite like it, definitely worth your dollar. Give Tunescape a try.

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