Aug 4, 2013

After all the controversy, you sucked so hard.

Found my old Japanese copy of Night Trap, for the Mega Drive. 
Interesting bits about this gem:

  • Dana Plato`s in it. 
  • Despite how tame it was, even by 1990`s standards, it sparked Congressional hearings on offensive video game material, and lead to the modern ESRB ratings system
  • It was a horrid game. Horrid acting, horrid game mechanics, horrid concept - Please don`t ever play it. 
  • Corey Feldman is NOT in it. 
  • Like most other Sega CD games developed by Digital Pictures, if you put the game disc in a CD player, you'll hear a short redbook audio CD track of a phone ringing with a male voice answering "Good afternoon, Digital Pictures", followed by a backwards playback of several voices saying "number nine" ("enin rebmun"), a reference to The Beatles song Revolution 9. This odd recording was thought by some to also be a hint for another DP game called "Sewer Shark" - if the player turns left (referred to as "niner" in the game) three times the player will not hit a wall.

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