Aug 4, 2013

More gems from the game collection migration project :: Both NA and JPN releases of "Dark Wizard," for Sega CD and Mega CD Drives, respectively. I bought the US version on the left it at a CD store in Nelson BC for full price, not knowing anything about it, and it ended up being the only game I'd bought which rationalized my purchase of the Sega CD add-on.
It's an early turn-based strategy game (think Fire Emblem) with an epic soundtrack

And here's a review of that soundtrack.

The only other redeeming quality of the Sega CD, is the ease with with which you can burn games to regular CDs and play them on the console, meaning the games produced for this system will survive much longer than the millions of games on your iPhone, etc. I'd post a link to a torrent on "Underground Gamer," but "the man" took them down. 

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